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Moser Fruit Tree Nursery

Custom Fruit Tree propagators
Heirloom, hardy, and hard-to-get fruit Trees for commercial fruit growers.



Custom Budding, Heirloom Salvation and Contract Growing
Save Money by Planning Ahead!

Moser Fruit Tree Sales usually places large contracts of fruit trees, over 1000, with our normal suppliers in order to get you the best price and quality.  However, for small amounts are much more difficult for the large nurseries to handle properly, so Moser Fruit Tree Nursery offers its services. 

How many times have you run into the problem of trying to get just a few trees of an old apple variety or cultivar?  Sometimes, we can find that same variety for you, but too often the cultivar has been discontinued or dropped from production.  Sometimes, the original nursery doesn't even have scionwood available anymore.

Moser Fruit Tree Nursery can now offer you some help.  If you are looking for a small amount of that special variety, not currently available in the trade, or maybe not available on the rootstock you prefer, we may be able to bud and grow some for you.  We specialize in dwarf and semi-dwarf apple roots, as well as OHxF pear, peach, and plum.

Let us know the specific combination of cultivar and rootstock.  We may not be able to propagate any varieties or cultivars, still protected by current plant patents, unless we can get proper licenses from the patent owners, but we can do many antique, heritage, and older varieties that no longer are readily available.  In most cases, you supply us the budwood so that we are sure that we will be doing the specific cultivar that you need, but we are in the process of establishing a diverse scionwood orchard of heritage, antique, cider, and hard-to-find- original strains of apples, pears, plums and apricots.

Link to List of Varieties in Moser's Scionwood Orchard

If you have a new discovery, either a seedling or a sport, of something that you think is unique or special, and want a small quantity of trees we can grow them for you.  We can also help evaluate it and work with our major nursery partners to determine its commercial potential and develop it further.

While we speculate on a certain quantity of roots, we need to know your needs as soon as possible.  Field budding starts in August, and we must have your choice of rootstock planted and available in the quantities you need by that previous spring.  Propagation in the greenhouse usually starts in late February and can go through July.

Please contact us for pricing, terms, and conditions of sale.


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