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Moser Fruit Tree Nursery

Custom Fruit Tree propagators
Heirloom, hardy, and hard-to-get fruit Trees for commercial fruit growers.




We regret that we have had to eliminate our request information form because the "spammers" have figured out a way to use it to send us spam and junk mail via the form, so please email us.  Please be as specific as possible regarding the varieties or stock you want, or if you just want catalogs or further information.  If you have questions, need advice, additional information, or just want to talk to a human being, contact Matt Moser via phone, fax, e-mail, or snail mail.

We also appreciate feedback about our site and what you would like to see on it.

Contact--- Matt Moser will be glad to help you.

TELEPHONE:   Toll Free  800-386-5600
                          Toll         269-468-4356
FAX:       269-468-6510

ADDRESS:  Moser Fruit Tree Nursery, 5329 Defield Road, Coloma, Michigan, 49038

E-MAIL:  MattMoser@MoserNursery.com

Sorry, we cannot send commercial nursery catalogs to Hobbyists or Back Yard Fruit Growers.
You must go to www.GrandpasOrchard.com where all retail and non-commercial sales are done.


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