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Moser Fruit Tree Nursery

Custom Fruit Tree propagators
Heirloom, hardy, and hard-to-get fruit Trees for commercial fruit growers.


Custom Propagation
Budwood Collection

Moser Fruit Tree Nursery specializes in growing and custom propagating heirloom, hardy, hard-to-get, and unusual varieties, utilizing conventional nursery techniques, as well as its propriety "FastFruitTree" technology.

Moser Fruit Tree Nursery is the fruit tree nursery production arm of Moser Fruit Tree Sales.  If you have a specific custom fruit tree contract that is too small for one of the large commercial nurseries, we will consider growing those trees for you either as conventionally propagated trees in the field, or propagated in our greenhouse as FastFruitTrees™.

If you are looking for a large number of trees for a contract, usually over 1000, then Moser Fruit Tree Sales can usually place your contract direct with one of the excellent large commercial nurseries that we sell for and broker through.

In most custom orders, we prefer that you supply the scionwood so that you are assured of the exact cultivar or strain that you are seeking.  However, we do have an extensive scionwood block of many cultivars of heirloom, hardy, and unusual varieties of apple, pear, apricot, and plum that we can use for budwood also.  Sorry, at this time we do not sell scionwood.

NOTICE REGARDING UNITED STATES PLANT PATENT LAWS:  We will not propagate protected and patented varieties unless we have permission from the properly licensed nursery or the rightful owner of the protected variety.  Since new varieties and rootstocks are the lifeblood of the industry, we respect the rights of plant patent and trademark owners and will report instances of "bootlegging" or "high jacking" of protected varieties.  We do not and will not grow or sell any varieties which have not been properly propagated.  We encourage any grower thinking about propagating their own trees to respect the property rights that new variety developers have in their discoveries by obtaining a license before doing so.

Are you a "backyard" fruit grower or hobbyist interested in just a few trees?  Please go to Grandpa's Orchard®.

If you are interested in just small quantities of bareroot fruit trees for your home or backyard orchard, click to go directly to www.GrandpasOrchard.com.  The source for premium brand fruit trees for the backyard fruit grower.  Grandpa has a wealth of backyard fruit growing information to share with you!

Are you a commercial fruit grower, nursery, or conservation district  looking for larger commercial quantities of fruit trees?  Please go to Moser Fruit Tree Sales

If you are interested in commercial quantities of bareroot fruit trees, click to go to www.ForFruitTrees.com.  The home of Moser Fruit Tree Sales, Inc. which specializes in bareroot fruit trees for the commercial fruit grower.  Over 50 years of service to the fruit industry by the Moser family!

Are you interested in starting a new commercial fruit orchard?  Please go to our informational website called The New Fruit Grower.

If you are a beginning commercial fruit grower or interested in starting a commercial orchard, click to go to www.TheNewFruitGrower.com, where you will find important information to help you start out.

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